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Join our Elderly Mental Health Programme, "The Mind-Able"

The Mind-Able Programme is introduced to help the elderly at risk or diagnosed with mild dementia. Dementia is a chronic, progressive deterioration of mental function typified by loss of memory. Early intervention–including providing support and care can help them deal with the challenges of their diagnosis positively, and lead meaningful lives. 

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We are recruiting Community Caregivers! (Attractive remuneration package)

In a rapid ageing society, one of the key challenges faced by elderly is the continued medical and social support they require upon discharge from acute hospitals.   The lack of trained caregivers in providing suitable and necessary care to the elderly after hospitalisation is often a contributing factor towards an elderly being readmitted to the acute hospital.   

To mitigate this service gap, the Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA), in collaboration with the National University Hospital (NUH), has developed a Community Cradle Programme to care, nurture, support and hold the elderly within the community after hospitalisation, by training a cohort of professional community caregivers who are sufficiently competent to cope with the medical and social needs of the elderly. 

In doing so, we hope the elderly could age in place and that institutionalisation would be the last resort.