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Dementia Early Intervention programme


Dementia is a chronic, progressive deterioration of the mental function which is usually characterized by the loss of memory. It is prevalent and often overlooked among the elderly, especially in Singapore's ageing population. In 2005, there were 22,000 elderly (65 years and above) with dementia and this number is projected to increase to 53,000 by 2020.* 

Clues to the presence of dementia may be subtle and nonspecific, and undiagnosed dementia could worsen over time. 

Channel News Asia has covered this widely through their Facing Dementia programme.

For the healthy elderly, it is vital that they receive early intervention and are continuously encouraged to use their physical and mental abilities. 
Being diagnosed with dementia is also not the end. Ongoing encouragement to exercise or to express thoughts and feelings may deter a further decline for the elderly who has been diagnosed with dementia. 

Hence, our Dementia Early Intervention Programme is a form of early therapeutic intervention for elderly wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and for elderly who have been diagnosed with Dementia. You may find out more about our programme from our brochure as follows:

To sign up, please drop an e-mail to contact@cwa.org.sg and we will respond promptly!

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Why Early Intervention? 
Early intervention includes providing support and care to help them deal with the challenges of their diagnosis and to aspire them towards a meaningful and positive life. Caregivers would also be well-informed on how to cope and the type of help available to them. Hence, the Mind-Able is introduced to help the elderly at risk or diagnosed with mild dementia.

The Mind-Able programme aims to:
• Improve quality of life for the elderly
• Increase ability to communicate and socialisation
• Alleviate caregivers stress

Healthy Elderly Group
8 Sessions/Once Per Week*

Pre-Launch Offer: $30 PER SESSION
Usual Price: $33 PER SESSION

At-Risk/Mild Dementia Group
8 Sessions/Twice Per Week*

*Upon completion of the sessions, you may continue to sign up for more sessions.