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CWA Caregivers' Sanctuary

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Few people are prepared for the responsibilities and tasks involved in caring for the aged.  With some foresight and awareness, much can be done to ease the burden of caregiving.  

Caregiving pulls individuals in multiple directions. While the work is one of love, the burden can be overwhelming. It can prove extremely difficult for caregivers to adjust to their caregiving role. In addition, caregivers are often overlooked as the needs of the patient take priority.

At CWA, we believe caregiving should not be an overwhelming task. With adequate support and awareness, we hope to reduce the burden that many caregivers shoulder alone and provide a respite from daily struggles.

As part of the Caregiving Welfare Association’s (CWA) expansion plan, CWA has set up its first Caregivers’ Sanctuary, a therapeutic place which will benefit caregivers and their families seeking respite and assistance.  The Sanctuary is located at One@KentRidge within the vicinity of the National University Hospital (NUH). 

Both caregivers and their families will be welcome to the Sanctuary whenever they feel they need a break or to seek support from our social workers. 

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Programme and Activities

Caregiver Support Group (Fortnightly Sessions)
This support group will provide a safe environment for caregivers to come together to share and learn from one another. Fortnightly sessions will include therapeutic activities conducted by allied professionals.

Counselling and Case Management
The Caregivers’ Sanctuary will provide supportive counselling and case management services for caregivers and their families. These services would be available to both walk-in individuals and referrals from medical and non medical institutions

Social Engagement Activities
Social engagement activities will be organised by our multidisciplinary team (Psychotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Social Workers) for family caregivers.

Home Personal Care
In partnership with NUH, CWA will provide home personal care (HPC) services for clients who require support upon their hospital discharge. HPC services such as home help service is available to members of the public upon request. 

For more information please contact us at 6734 2991/ 6466 7996 or visit us at: 1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #04-18, One@KentRidge, S(119082). Alternatively, you may email 

What we hope to achieve and how you can help...

Caregiving can be challenging and it carries a high risk of stress and burn-out. CWA believes that with adequate caregiver support programmes, many caregivers will manage their stress better and deliver quality care to their elderly loved ones. The Caregivers’ Sanctuary will offer caregivers an avenue to seek support, guidance and respite from the stresses of their daily caregiving role.

The availability of funds would sustain the programmes and activities at the Caregivers’ Sanctuary and would enable CWA to help many more caregivers to continue with their caregiving roles. 

We would like to appeal for corporations and individuals to help us in our fund raising efforts to raise $50,000 annually to sustain our programme and services.  

1) Caregiver Support Group (fortnightly sessions conducted at the Sanctuary)
$300 can benefit 12 needy caregivers through one session.

2) Counselling and Case Management
$3,000 per month can help 50 needy caregivers/families to receive free counselling/case management services. 

3) Essential Support
$800 per month can provide 40 needy families with supermarket vouchers
$1,280 per month can provide 16 needy seniors with adult diapers 
$2,000 per month can provide 10 needy seniors with adult nutritional supplement milk powder 


A SANCTUARY... Just For Caregivers 

To donate please contact us at 6466 7957/ 6466 7996 or email 
Alternatively, please click here

Volunteer with us at the Caregivers' Sanctuary 

We are looking for passionate individuals to come forward to volunteer at the Sanctuary.

If you are good at making simple paper craft or handy craft, please contact us. We are also appealing for professional art therapist to help conduct workshops for our caregivers.   

For more information, please email and share with us more about yourself, or contact us at 6734 2991/ 6466 7996. Alternatively, please click here to register.