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CWA Caregivers' Week 2019 (1 Nov to 8 Nov)

"Finding Solace in Caregiving" 

Join us at CWA Caregivers' Week 2019

A journey of a caregiver can be tough, tiring and isolated. 

We believe that with proper support from the community and understanding from their families and friends, caregivers will have the strength, empathy, hope and love to carry on their caregiving journey.

Thank You For Making CWA Caregivers' Week 2019 

A Huge Success!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our kind sponsors GobblerCo, Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, Lee Foundation, Providence Law Asia LLC, Rain AD Pte.Ltd, Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), working partners, volunteers and participants in making CWA Caregivers' Week 2018 a huge success!


It is only with all these support that we are able to create more awareness on the challenges and struggles that family caregivers go through daily in providing the much needed care to their loved ones. Caregivers also benefited from participating in meaningful activities such as public symposium and workshops, where they are equipped with the knowledge and skills for respite care which is important to prevent burnout. 

Come celebrate CWA Caregivers' Week 2019 with us from 1 Nov to 8 Nov 2019! 

It is the time of the year where Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA) is running its Annual CWA Caregivers’ Week 2019! 

We welcome you to join us in our fourth Annual CWA Caregivers’ Week from 1 Nov to 8 Nov 2019 – A week long campaign to advocate support for caregivers.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Finding Solace in Caregiving”. We hope that through this year’s Caregivers’ Week, Caregivers and members of the public will be able to find the support they are looking for during the course of their caregiving duties. Caregivers and members of the public can expect to attend meaningful activities, such as the public symposium that will be happening on the 2 Nov, Saturday, mobile exhibitions and workshops! 

With the strong support from our sponsors and volunteers, the CWA Caregivers' Week 2019 is made possible! We would like to thank our following sponsors for their generous contribution.



Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple 

Lee Foundation

Providence Law Asia LLC 

Rain AD Pte. Ltd.

Tan Chin Tuan Foundation 

Venue sponsor:

Jurong Town Corporation (JTC)


Public Symposium 2019

Symposium 1.jpg

Symposium 12.jpg

Symposium 19.jpg

Symposium 19_6.jpg

Symposium 19_2.jpg

Roadshow at NUH Main Building 2019

20191118_111340 _NUH 1.jpg

20191118_112031 (1)_NUH 2.jpg

Roadshow at Fusionopolis 2019

20191104_122504 (2)_Fusion 2.jpg20191104_082304 (2) Fusion  3.jpg

20191104_122238 (1).jpg


Mindfulness Workshop: Towards A Better Sleep

Trainer and Therapist: Ms Dawn Sim (The Open Centre (S) Pte Ltd)

Workshop A_1.jpgWorkshop A_2.jpg

Pain Management with Aromatherapy & Acupressure Workshop

Trainer: Ms Adeline Lim (Nila Singapore Pte Ltd)

Workshop B_2 (1).jpgWorkshop B_2 (2).jpg

Cognitive Stimulating Workshop for Caregivers of Seniors 2019  

OT workshop 2.jpg

OT workshop 2.jpg

OT workshop 1.jpg

Caregivers and Volunteers Appreciation Luncheon 2019 

Luncheon 2019_03.jpgLuncheon 2019_04.jpg

Luncheon 2019_07.jpgLuncheon 2019_02.jpg

Luncheon 2019_06.jpg


How Can You Support CWA Caregivers Week 2020?  

You can either come forward to support this meaningful event with your family, friends and colleagues by joining in our activities, or help us with the following areas:

Volunteers needed:
We are looking for about 30 passionate and like-minded volunteers to give their time for the preparation and launch of CWA Caregivers' Week 2020! Help may be needed in areas such as planning and conceptualising, photography, videography, fundraising, logistics, administration etc.

Roadshow venues:
Venue 1: TBC

Venue 2: TBC 

Public Symposium venue:
Venue: TBC

Please email us at if you would like to support CWA Caregivers' Week 2020 or require more information.


Partnership Opportunities

Caregiving Welfare Association is looking for corporations/organisations and passionate individuals to partner us for our CWA Caregivers' Week 2020 and take part in our activities. Please
e-mail us at for more information.

Donors and Sponsorships

Caregiving Welfare Association is appealing to kind sponsors (both individuals and corporations) to support our initiative. No donation is too small in helping us to go a long way in helping the needy in our community. 

Through CWA Caregivers' Week 2020 and other fund raising initiatives, CWA hope to raise $457,000 annually to help sustain our programmes and services, and to maintain our daily operational cost.

We request that all donations be made directly to the “Caregiving Welfare Association”. Do indicate “CWA Caregivers' Week 2020” on the back of your cheque and mail it to:

Caregiving Welfare Association
Blk 3 Ghim Moh Road #01-294
Singapore 270003

For other donation platforms, please click here for more information.

All outright cash donations are eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction.



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