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You can make a donation to support us through:

  • Traditional Donation 
To make donations, please download the donation form .
For traditional donations, please enclose your cheque payable to Caregiving Welfare Association and mail it together with rsz__z4a8195.jpgthe completed form to us at:

Caregiving Welfare Association
Block 3 Ghim Moh Road #01-294
Singapore 270003

Please download the donation form here.

  • One-time Donation
All contributions, big or small, count towards the sustainability of our programmes and services. 

  • Monthly Donation
Make a monthly contribution directly via GIRO – it is the easiest and most convenient way to support our expanded services.

  • Memorial Gift
Made in memory of a loved one, in-memoriam donation is one tangible way to remember your loved one. rsz__mg_8583.jpg

  • Online Donation 
Make your donation via the online donation charity portal, Giving.sg or Paypal. You can make one-time or Memorial Gift donations via this method.

  • Leave a Legacy
Making a Will ensures and guarantees that your loved ones and favourite causes get what you wish from your estate. If you are making a Will, you may consider to include a gift to CWA. Should you require more information, you may want to contact us at 6466 7957 / 6466 7996. 

Please visit us Caregiving welfare association on Giving.Sg to find out more about our volunteering opportunities too!