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Home Personal Care 

At Caregiving Welfare Association, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the elderly within the comfort of their homes. We aim to provide exemplary care tailored to the unique needs of each individual, fostering their well-being and independence while minimising the necessity for hospital readmissions or institutionalisation.

Learn more about our efforts in the featured article, 'Closing the Gaps to Better Support Family Caregivers', published in the Straits Times on September 5, 2018.

Home-based Personal Care (HPC)

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Our Home-based Personal Care (HPC) services encompass a range of offerings designed to ensure the holistic care and companionship of seniors.

Personal Care Assistance: This includes aiding with oral feeding, bathing for clients who may be too frail to bathe independently or are bedridden/disabled, and assistance with lifting, transferring, and positioning.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (ADL): We provide support with light housekeeping within the client's immediate space, limited laundry assistance, and simple errands such as grocery shopping within walking distance.

Medication Assistance: We offer reminders and prompts for medication intake, ensuring clients stay on track with their prescriptions.

Cognitive Stimulation Programmes: Tailored activities designed to stimulate cognition, considering the client's interests and age appropriateness.

Elder-Sitting and Respite: Companionship and engagement in recreational and leisure activities based on the client's preferences, providing respite for caregivers.

Maintenance Exercises: Performing prescribed exercises by registered therapists to support physical well-being.

Explore our HPC brochures available in both English and Mandarin.

Please note that service availability is contingent upon the availability of our community caregivers, who are proud Singaporeans committed to serving our elderly population.


Who Should Apply?

Individuals aged 55 years and older, particularly those who are frail or homebound, are eligible to benefit from our services.

Referrals are accepted from hospitals, polyclinics, voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), clinics, or through self-referral or consented referral by a representative or service provider.

To book a session, please contact us at 6466 7957/ 6466 7996, email, or fill up the e-form.


Seniors who meet the criteria for HPC and undergo means-testing may qualify for government subsidies, ensuring accessibility to quality care for all who need it.