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Mini Calendar

Dearest Mak, you have always been a petite woman but look how small and hunched you are now compared to few years ago…

- Mother has made me a stronger person -

Dear Dad, people always say that struggling to balance employment and the care of looking after an elderly parent can be taxing. That cannot be denied. But for me, having a supportive employer and an understanding father like you does make a difference ...

- A Caregiver's Wish for Her Dad -

When you were born 70 years ago, Ma had just turned 21 and, in our youthful ignorance, your Pa and I did not realise that your cries as a newborn were different from other babies…

- A mother’s heavy heart -

Dear hubby, never did I imagine something like this would happen. You were still agile and earning a living for both of us, but the two massive strokes you suffered in a short span of five days changed everything…

- Life’s unexpected turn -