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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA), we believe in the power of collective impact, and through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we invite corporations to join hands in creating a positive change in the lives of seniors and their caregivers.


Why Choose CWA for CSR:

  1. Impactful Initiatives: Our carefully curated programmes directly impact the lives of seniors and their caregivers, providing them with the resources, education, and emotional support they need.
  2. Transparent Accountability: We prioritise transparency in our CSR activities, ensuring that every contribution makes a measurable difference. Regular updates and reports will be provided to showcase the impact of your support.
  3. Tailored Partnerships:  We offer flexible and customisable CSR partnerships. We work closely with our partners to align their values with our mission for maximum social impact.


Corporate Volunteerism: Work towards a common goal of serving the community through the allocation of time and resources. Notably, participating organisations can benefit from tax deductions per the Corporate Volunteer Scheme (CVS). For more information, please click here.


Other Ways to Get Involved:

    • Financial Support: Corporate sponsorships and financial contributions are instrumental in scaling our programmes and reaching a wider audience.

    • Employee Engagement Programmes: Enhance your corporate culture by implementing employee engagement initiatives that support caregivers and seniors. This can include workshops, support groups, and wellness programmes.

    • In-Kind Contributions: Non-monetary contributions such as products, services, or expertise can greatly benefit our programmes and those we support.

    • Corporate Dinner and Dance Day: Integrate fundraising elements within your D&D event to raise funds for CWA.

    • Charity Golf/Run/Walk: Choose CWA as the beneficiary for your charity golf/run/walk event.

    • Adopt a Pledge Card or Donation Box: Collect donations through pledge cards among colleagues and friends.

    • Festive Bazaars and Auctions: Participate in or organise events like bazaars and auctions.

    • Supermarket Vouchers: Donation of supermarket vouchers can bring joy and warmth to less fortunate seniors.

    • Taxi Vouchers: Taxi vouchers could help less fortunate seniors with restricted mobility to pay for their taxi fares for their frequent/multiple medical appointments at the various hospitals.

Ready to make a meaningful impact through CSR? Contact us for collaboration opportunities, customise a partnership plan, and embark on a journey of positive change.