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Statutory Information

Caregiving Welfare Association

Constitution: Society
Date of Establishment: 24 April 2004
ROS/RCB Registration Number: ROS 0395/2003WEL
Address: 3 Ghim Moh Road #01-294 Singapore 270003

Board Members

Dr Tan Hong Yee
Vice President
Mr Kelvin Aw
Hon Secretary
Mr Tan Wei Liang
Asst Hon Secretary
Mr Law Teck Chong
Hon Treasurer
Mr Kuan Hing Leong 
Asst Hon Treasurer
Mr Jaryl Goh
Dr Daniel Tan 
Mr Derek Tay

Co-opted Members

Dr Tan Jit Seng
Mr Tan Hiap Hong
Mr Thong Kok Wing

Charity Status

Charity Registration Number: 01778
Charity Registration Date: 13 May 2004

IPC Status

Current Effective Period: 01 February 2019  to  31 July 2021
IPC Number: IPC000659