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CWA Caregivers' Week 2023

Thank You For Making CWA Caregivers' Week 2023 A Success!

We would like to thank all participants and family caregivers who had joined us in celebrating CWA Caregivers’ Week 2023! We hope through the workshops and activities, caregivers had picked up useful tips and knowledge and now be able to better care for themselves while caring for their loved ones. 

It is only with societal support and awareness that we can continue to support family caregivers in their journey of caregiving. We hope to see everyone again at CWA Caregivers’ Week 2024!

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Talk on LPA, ACP and Will making                                                         Mobility exercise and sensory engagement 

Art therapy CGW 2023.jpgMindfulness therapy _CGW 2023.jpg

Creative Self-Compassion using Art Therapy                                  Bringing Mindfulness Into Daily Life


This year CWA would be celebrating the Caregivers' Week 2023 from the 9 Oct to the 14 Oct 2023

In celebration of CGW 2023, this year’s focus is a call for us to remember and appreciate those who have selflessly and passionately dedicated their time and efforts in caring for their aged loved ones.

The series of events from 9-13 Oct aims to recognise the tenacity of family caregivers of seniors and serves as a platform for them to come together to recharge and reconnect. Throughout this week, caregivers will also be equipped with the knowledge and tools relevant to their caregiving journey. As part of CWA’s commitment to provide additional support to family caregivers, a new grocery voucher scheme will also be rolled out to help supplement their daily needs.

As caregivers put aside their time for their loved ones, it is critical for them to be mindful of their respite as it is ultimately essential in ensuring both theirs and their care recipient’s well-being in the long run. For those who know of someone - be it a family, friend, relative, neighbour, etc., who is in this caregiving role, let’s extend a helping hand to them. Even a small gesture of encouragement may have a significant impact.

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Date:10 Oct, Tue
Time: 2.30pm to 3.30pm
Activity: Talk
Topic: LPA, ACP and Will making
Language: Mandarin

Come find out more about the importance of having a lasting power of attorney (LPA), advance care planning (ACP), and making a will. This talk will be conducted in Mandarin. 

Registration is required. Interested parties please email to 
(Limited slots - First come, First served basis)
Registration fee: F.O.C

Date: 11 Oct, Wed 
Time: 2.30pm to 3.10pm
Activity: Mobility exercise and sensory engagement 

Participants will be guided by our in-house physical trainer through a series of relaxing mobility exercises aimed at helping caregivers, in particular those who may not have time to exercise. Incorporating scented candles and soothing music in the workshop would be another key highlight of the session.   

Registration is required. Interested parties please email to
(Limited slots - First come, First served basis)
Registration fee: F.O.C

Date: 12 Oct, Thu
Time: 2.30pm to 4pm
Activity: Art therapy 
Topic: Creative Self-Compassion using Art Therapy (艺术治疗:创意性自我关怀)
Language: English/ Mandarin

Self-compassion is the practice of being kind and understanding towards ourselves. It is about acknowledging that we are all human, and that all experience suffering and difficulties. One way to practice self-compassion is to slow down. When we slow down through art engagement, we give ourselves the time and space to become aware of our thoughts and feelings and find different ways to cope with life’s challenges. 自我关怀 接纳自我 放慢脚步 艺术治疗 觉察自我 自我发现

Registration is required. Interested parties please email to
(Limited slots - First come, First served basis)
Registration fee: $15

Profile of Ms Ng Jue Ann (MA, AThR):
Art Psychotherapist, MA Art Therapy
Daylight Creative Therapies

Jue Ann is a credentialed member of the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Art Therapies Association (ANZACATA). She has sat on the committee board of the Art Therapists’ Association of Singapore (ATAS) between 2019-2023 as the secretary, is currently a part-time lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts on the MA Art Therapy programme, and is the new partner at Daylight Creative Therapies.

Date: 13 Oct, Fri
Time: 2.30pm to 4pm
Activity: Mindfulness based therapy 
Topic: Bringing Mindfulness Into Daily Life (如何将正念融入生活)
Language: English/ Mandarin

Mindfulness Coach Ms Erin Lee will guide participants in practicing mindfulness for the benefit of our mental wellbeing and learning to effectively integrate the practice of mindfulness into our daily life. 

Registration is required. Interested parties please email to
(Limited slots - First come, First served basis)
Registration fee: $15

Profile of Ms Erin Lee:
Founder and Mindfulness Coach of Mindful Moments Singapore
Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher
Professional Certified Consultant in Stress Management

Erin had conducted mindfulness training for many government agencies like Economic Development Board and People’s Association as well as Health institutions like KK hospital and Singapore Medical Council.


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