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Case Management (Social Worker Service)

pexels-photo-8172814-resized.jpgWhat is Case Management? 

Case Management is a joint process that involves working with the client and looking at the full picture which includes the individual and family, as well as the environmental and societal factors that may influence the client's well-being and progression. The primary objective is to achieve better client wellness by identifying or recommending suitable services and resources in the community to support them to meet this objective.

Case Management will include, but is not limited to, the following steps:

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Identify the possible needs and issues   of the client’s situation

Develop a care plan or possible intervention goals to coordinate care  for the client and/or their family

Identify and collaborate with other suitable agencies, programmes and services in the community to ensure that resources and care are timely provided to meet client’s needs

Note: During this process, possible interventions may also vary and change, taking into consideration new developments as well as client’s progress along the way.

How can Case Management help?

A Case Study Example:

A case of a senior couple in their 70s living together in a two-room HDB flat. As their two adult children do not live with them, the seniors depend on themselves for their daily needs. Their struggles are unknown to others due to their solitary lifestyles with little desire to interact with their neighbours.

To make matters worse, the elderly gentleman suffers from dementia and other chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. As such, he is very dependent on his wife for his daily activities. Being the sole caregiver to her husband, the elderly lady does not have any serious illnesses for now, but the occasional aching in her left leg due to an operation 10 years ago.

Her mental well-being has also been affected ever since her husband has been diagnosed with mild dementia. The dementia has also slightly strained the relationship because of challenge in engaging her husband. The usual forgetfulness, mood swings of her husband and little support from their children have all contributed to her stress.

* Note: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this case study are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased) is intended or should be inferred. 

Some possible needs and presenting issues identified from the case study:

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Physical/ Mental Stressors

  • Home safety
  • Old age
  • Husband:
    • Chronic physical illnesses (diabetes and high blood pressure)
    • Mental illness (dementia) 
  • Wife:
    • Physical condition of occasional aches due to leg operation

 For more information on the possible intervention plans to address the Physical/Mental Stressors, please click here.
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Emotional/ Social Needs

  • Empty Nest Syndrome and Social Isolation (may be due to their individual personalities)
  • Lack of respite for wife taking care of husband with multiple health issues
  • Struggles and strain in the spousal relationship
  • Lack of resources e.g. emotional support, financial resources
  • Caregiver stress due to lack of :
    • (i) Support for daily activities
    • (ii) Family support 

 For more information on the possible intervention plans to address the Emotional/Social Needs, please click here.

CWA's Case Management Service

Through our case management service, CWA's internal team of social workers will work with you and your loved ones by providing psychosocial and emotional support/ services. The support includes (not limited to) supportive counselling, clinical social work interventions, and support group therapy.

Case management and supportive counselling may be conducted face-to-face in the comfort of your home, tele-conferencing, or at CWA's HQ (subject to our assessment). 

Social service agencies, medical institutions and community partners may refer your clients (i.e. seniors and/or family caregivers of seniors) for our case management assistance. Kindly complete our referral form HERE for us to assess the case. Please contact us for more information with regard to our case management service boundary. 

For more information about our case management service, contact 6466 7996/7957. Alternatively, you may email your queries to