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Mental-Health Programme (The Mind-Able)

What is Mental Health Programme (The Mind-Able)?

Dementia is a chronic, progressive deterioration of mental function typified by loss of memory. It is prevalent and often overlooked among the elderly, especially in Singapore's ageing population. In 2005, there was 22 000 dementia elderly (65 years and above) and this number is projected to increase to 53 000 by 2020*.  

Clues to the presence of dementia may be subtle and nonspecific and unrecognised early dementia may tend to worsen over time. Hence, it is vital to have early intervention to slow the progress. Upon receiving a diagnosis of dementia, a life-changing transition will take place. 

Early intervention – including providing support and care to help them deal with the challenges of their diagnosis and to aspire them towards a meaningful and positive life. Caregivers would also be well-informed on how to cope and the type of help available to them. Hence, "The Mind- Able" is introduced to help the elderly at risk or diagnosed with mild dementia. 

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What can we achieve? 

  • Improve quality of life for the elderly
  • Increase ability to communicate and socialisation
  • Alleviate caregivers stress

Who should attend?

  • Individuals aged 55 and above who are interested in participating in cognitive stimulating and physical activities that are geared towards promoting maintenance of cognitive function can join this programme.
  • Individuals aged 55 and above at early stage of dementia.
  • Caregivers aged 21 and above who wish to learn new skills to engage their elderly at home and provide support for their elderly while accompanying them through the sessions.
Exclusions: Bowel incontinence, behavioural challenges, medical needs such as trachy, *medication needs /toileting needs (*caregivers must be present)

What types of activities?

  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy 
  • Art therapy
  • Multi-sensory therapy
  • Reminiscing therapy 
  • Socialisation activities

How can you help? 

CWA is looking for individual well wisher or corporate philanthropists to sustain this programme. Please contact us at 64667957 or e-mail for more details. 

CWA is a self-funding voluntary welfare organization (VWO), and we are only able to make eldercare accessible through your support. To donate, please click here. For volunteers, please submit your application here