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A mother’s heavy heart

“Son, putting you in an aged home does not mean I do not care anymore.”

When you were born 70 years ago, Ma had just turned 21 and, in our youthful ignorance, your Pa and I did not realise that your cries as a newborn were different from other babies. It was only two years later that we learnt from the doctors that you were mute and also having hearing impairment.

Although you went on life independently, Ma knows it got more difficult for you as you aged – worse after you had pneumonia and suffered multiple falls that made walking very painful for you. And even though I am resolved to look after you for as long as I can, the reality is that I am not able to do so anymore as I am already 91 years old and still recovering from that recent fall.

Therefore, it was with a heavy heart that I agreed to put you in an aged home. And I thank the Caregiving Welfare Association for helping to make the relevant referrals. They, and other volunteer welfare organisations, have also been giving me food rations and looking after my social well-being. My greatest wish now is to be admitted to the same home one day so that I can see you everyday again.

Names withheld by request.