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Life’s unexpected turn

Inspirational stories: Life’s Unexpected Turn

“Dear, maybe things would not have gotten so bad if you had taken your medication regularly?”

Dear hubby, never did I imagine something like this would happen. You were still agile and earning a living for both of us, but the two massive strokes you suffered in a short span of five days changed everything.

It pains me to see that cognitive impairment has resulted in you having to rely on tube feeding and diapers. Every time I visit you at the nursing home, I just cannot hold back the tears thinking how things might not have gotten so bad if you had taken your medication regularly for your hypertension back then. You are only in your fifties… life’s unfortunate turn of events is really traumatising.

To cope with household and medical expenses, I recently found a job. But I did not tell my colleagues about what has happened even though they sometimes ask why I look worn and tired.

When the Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA)’s counsellor found out my helpless situation through the Medical Social Worker (MSW), they did their utmost to liaise with the MSW to find you a suitable nursing home very quickly. And seeing that I am all alone (without any children or siblings), the CWA counsellor counselled me and also assured me they always be there to lend a listening ear.

And though it saddens me deeply that you no longer know who I am, I will continue to support you, because I know you will always be my husband.

Names withheld by request.