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Mother has made me a stronger person

“Mak, you should really leave the house cleaning to me.”

Dearest Mak, you have always been a petite woman but look how small and hunched you are now compared to few years ago! The doctors say your bones are degenerating due to old age and the lack of calcium, that is why you are losing body mass and feeling all those aches and pains.

I know you do not like to be on the wheelchair unless necessary, that is why I try to make our home safer so that you can move around with the aid of only a walking stick. You keep saying it is not nice to make the student volunteers mop the floor or clean the house whenever they visit you, but you really should not be doing these arduous chores because it will be terrible if you slip and fall.

As a cleaner, I do not earn much. Thankfully, we can meet your medical expenses with the help of subsidies from hospital. Also, the welfare support rendered by the Caregiving Welfare Association, including the social activities at their Day Centre and house visits by volunteers, really brightens our day.

Looking after you alone all these years after Ayah passed away has made me a stronger person. I am just happy to spend time with you and simply be there to reciprocate the care you have showered on me during my younger days.

Names withheld by request.