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Emotional & Social Needs

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Some possible interventions: 

  • Case Management & Supportive Counselling services may be beneficial in assessing the complex needs of the couple and their surroundings so as to enable them to receive timely interventions and support from either CWA and/or other SSAs/community resources. This holistic approach can help enhance the couple’s quality of life and improve the spousal relationship. 

  • One possible way to reduce the risk of social isolation will be to onboard the couple with our Eldersitter Programme, so that volunteers can provide companionship and engagement to the couple in the comfort of their own home.

  • For the wife to receive the all-important respite, Home Personal Care Service can be enlisted to take care of her husband while she takes some time for herself. It may also be helpful for her to join a Caregiver Support Group which will provide her with a safe space to share her caregiving struggles and learn from other family caregivers.

  • While working on expanding their resources, and if the couple is open to it, we may explore discussing with their two children to provide additional support to their parents when required.